Since 2015, thousands of Kiwis have experienced Shincheonji first-hand. We're grateful for those who have chosen to share their experiences with us.

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Vanessa’s Story

I had just moved from Auckland and tried looking for a church in Wellington. I was sitting alone in a brand new church, and shortly after the worship started, two girls came in and sat next to me. I thought we were just having a casual chat… Looking back now, that was when I stepped into their trap.

Jeremy’s Story

During my time in Shincheonji, I actually felt super religious… I felt very connected to God. But ultimately, it was a completely works-based group.

Josh’s Story

I was not able to speak to my family or friends about these lessons or do research online as I was told that Satan would get in the way of me learning, pull me away from the classes, and poison my mind. I was in an echo chamber.

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