Who is Lee Man-Hee?

Man-Hee Lee is the founder of Shincheonji. SCJ members claim that “he is the promised pastor according to the word of Revelation”. Other names used by SCJ for him include Chairman (or SSN in Korean), the “Advocate”, “New John”. He is regarded as immortal and infallible by many of his followers.

Prior to starting Shincheonji, Lee Man-Hee was involved in three other groups (The Olive Tree Movement, The Tabernacle Temple and the Recreation Church).

During the pandemic, Lee faced public criticism in South Korea for directing his followers of violating infectious disease laws. While the Seoul District Court acquitted Lee Man-Hee of charges related to violating infectious disease laws, he was convicted of separate charges of embezzling 5.6 billion won (NZD 6.8 million) and obstruction of public affairs. Friends and family of SCJ members welcomed the decision due to their concerns about the church for the manipulative means by which LMH has spread the beliefs of Shincheonji. Lee was sentenced to three years in prison, but remains out of jail on probation.

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